Ling Tung University is sitting on a major transportation hub of high-speed rail , national highway no. 1, national highway no. 3, provincial highway no. 74. Nearby there Precision Machinery Park, Taichung Industrial Park, Central Taiwan Science Park, there are many manufacturers, industry clusters booming. Excellent location, very beneficial to industry-university cooperation, innovation and incubation centers, off-campus internship and patents, technology transfer, knowledge innovation and application development. In view of this, Ling Tung University was upgraded in August 2005, established the Technical Cooperation Department, to cope with industrial needs and to enhance students employability. On August 2006 , Unit was adjust to technical cooperation center, and on August 2009 was renamed Industry-University Cooperation and Training Center; On August 2013 was renamed Industrial Cooperation Center, dedicated Industry Cooperation related businesses. Currently, the features of Ling Tung University are business management and design ,The interaction energy between high-tech manufacturers are limited, the future will gradually expand the resources available for technical cooperation and exchanges between manufacturers, hoping to break through the barriers between academia and industry, R & D needs to eliminate the gap , complete the implementation of knowledge-based industries. Features: The main function of this center is to demonstrate the technology matchmaking of regional industrial and academic research development .Actively assist SMEs to solve technical problems and contribute to national economic development effort.